Animal Experiments Pictures

Researchers do not want the general public to know what really happens behind the closed doors of their animal testing laboratories - they have too much to hide!

Brian Gunn has penetrated the veil of secrecy which shrouds laboratory animal testing experimentation research.

His undercover iconic undercover animal testing pictures expose the truth about animal experiments.

On this unique animal experimentation picture site you will find Brian Gunn's thought provoking, cruel, vivisection, animal testing pictures on DOGS, CATS, MONKEYS, RABBITS, HAMSTERS, GUINEA PIGS, PUPPIES, PETS, MICE, RATS, DUCKS, PRIMATES, SHEEP, COWS, BIRDS, APES and KITTENS.

During the course of his daring undercover work he has been threatened and badly beaten up. Camera equipment has been smashed and films have been confiscated, stolen and destroyed.

See Brian Gunn's animal experimentation vivisection, animal testing pictures of: Acute toxicity, addiction to drugs, alcohol, agricultural animal testing equipment, behavioural, bio-medical, brain, cancer, cosmetics, demonstrating known facts, deprivation, draize eye irritancy, drugs, education, food additves, household products, ingredients, LD50, lipsticks, make up, medical, medicine, pharmaceutical, poisoning, psychology, shampoos, sight deprivation, skin irritation, spf, surgery, teaching, toiletries, training, warfare, animal laboratory research testing pictures here.

Brian Gunn is Secretary General of the International Association Against Painful Experiments on Animals and a Non-Governmental Officer at the United Nations.

His award winning animal testing images are extensively used on TV and in newspapers, films, websites, blogs, YouTube, Facebook and magazines throughout the world.

Animal Experiments Pictures


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